Oak Foundation

Getting the most out of your Oak Digital Workplace

The Oak Foundation course was created to give a good grounding in the core fundamentals of the Oak product and is targeted at administrators and key content creators who need to understand all aspects of your Oak implementation. We have deliberately tailored the course to both new & existing customers. So whether you are setting out on your Oak journey for the first time, or you have inherited the day-to-day responsibility for the running of your Oak environment, this is the course for you.

Delivered in an online setting the topics are split into easy to digest chapters with lessons of between 5 and 20 mins in length. This course will give you a deep dive into Oak functionality with a healthy sprinkling of best practice and will allow you to really get to know the product. This training session is the perfect foundation before moving on to other courses listed within the academy.

The core elements of this course include...
  • Oak Familiarisation

    General overview of oak, navigation, orientation and a little best practice.

  • Branding

    Applying the look and feel to your environment and making it 'on-brand'.

  • Site Configuration

    Where to configure options, turn on new features and change site behaviour.

  • Core Concepts

    A grounding in the core concepts of areas, membership, permissions and content.

  • User Management

    How to mange your users and options for on-boarding and auto-authentication.

  • Security Roles

    How to control who sees what and best practice on managing your site security.

  • Areas

    Understanding the building blocks of your digital workplace and how to manage them.

  • Content Creation

    A quick look at the basics of content creation and the options available.

  • Homepages

    How to create engaging homepages that promote the content you create.

  • Hubs

    Understanding the importance of engagement and how hubs can help.

Who is the Oak Foundation course for?

  • Administrators: anyone who has day to day responsibility for ensuring your Oak Digital Workplace operates efficiently

  • Content Authors: those who have day to day responsibility for adding content to your Oak Digital Workplace

  • Project Managers: for those who are new to Oak and have been given the responsibility for it's successful introduction into the business

  • Area Stakeholders: anyone who has day to day responsibility for an area of your digital workplace

Course Overview

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Oak Foundation course

    • How to interact with this course

    • Course Objectives

    • Before you start

  • 2


    • Login page

    • Site Menu Variations

    • Site navigation

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Overview

  • 3


    • Branding basics

    • Creating a theme

    • Configuring the default theme & login page

    • Changing the site icon

    • Setting up content text styles

    • Font management

    • Customising the content editor

    • Fun themes

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Branding

  • 4

    Site Configuration

    • Site configuration: An overview

    • Editing the site menu

    • Mega menu, the horizontal site menu

    • Adding a site footer

    • Tools Management

    • Basic reporting in Oak

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Site configuration

  • 5

    Site Structure

    • Site structure overview

    • Creating areas

    • Managing areas

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Site structure

  • 6

    Oak Security

    • Security overview

    • Setting security roles

    • File based security

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Security roles

  • 7

    User Management

    • User management overview

    • Understanding the user profile

    • Creating a user manually in Oak

    • Customising user fields in Oak

    • Uploading multiple users via spreadsheet import

    • Installing OIS for user data automation and more

    • Scheduling a user spreadsheet import

    • Synchronising user data from active directory

    • Managing a user in Oak

    • Understanding the user footprint

    • Creating and managing user groups

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: User management

  • 8

    Content Creation

    • Content creation basics

    • News - Part I - Creating content

    • News - Part II. The publishing options

    • Creating events

    • Creating Q&A

    • Process overview

    • Creating processes

    • Creating policies

    • Uploading documents

    • Uploading media

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Content creation

  • 9


    • Homepage basics

    • Creating homepages

    • Applet configuration

    • Mastering scheduled homepages

    • Optimising homepages for mobile use

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Homepages

  • 10


    • Hubs overview

    • Area hubs vs community hubs

    • Creating hubs

    • Managing hubs

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Hubs

  • 11

    Communication tools

    • Notices

    • Push-e

    • Induction tour & area tours

    • Oak subscription

    • Emailing from Oak

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Communication tools

  • 12

    Further Learning

    • Core concepts

    • Visit the Oak Knowledge Base

    • Digital engagement best practice

  • 13

    How did we do?

    • Before you go...

    • Help us improve by sharing your thoughts...