Mobile Optimisation

Keeping people connected with a good mobile strategy!

This course is aimed at those who need to communicate with a distributed workforce, or who wish to deploy their digital workplace via an app on users’ phones—a great way of driving engagement and adoption within the organisation.

As you work through these online lessons, expect to learn how to manipulate homepages to deliver the best mobile experience to your users. You'll learn about things to consider with your mobile strategy to ensure you don’t have any unexpected results and cover your options for deploying the app to your workforce.

Delivered in an online setting, the topics are split into easy to digest chapters with lessons of no more than 5 mins in length. This course will give you a great understanding of the mobile functionality within Oak and a healthy sprinkling of best practice. It will allow you to get to know the product and more importantly help you understand precisely how to reach that mobile audience.

The core elements of this course include...
  • Top Tips

    Things to consider when undertaking a mobile strategy

  • Homepages For Mobile

    How to manipulate homepages to create the best mobile experience

  • The Mobile App

    Best practice in how to deploy the mobile app and associated communications

Who would find this course useful?

  • Content Authors: Anyone who has day to day responsibility for adding content to your Oak Digital Workplace

  • Project Managers: for those who are new to Oak and have been given the responsibility for it's successful introduction into the business

  • Administrators: anyone who has day to day responsibility for ensuring your Oak Digital Workplace operates efficiently

  • Homepage Managers: anyone responsible for creating or maintaining homepages within your Oak environment

Course Overview

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • How to interact with this course

    • Course Objectives

  • 2

    Optimising Homepages

    • Principle elements of mobile homepage design

    • Putting the principles into practice

    • Mobile considerations

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Optimising homepages

  • 3

    Going live with mobile

    • Onboarding mobile users

    • Benefits of a mobile app

    • Branded app

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge Check: Deploying mobile

  • 4

    Further Learning

    • Visit the Oak Knowledge Base

  • 5

    How did we do?

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