Understanding user data

Explore the user data import options available, how to provide users with alternative authentication methods and your onboarding options.

Perfect for anyone who is responsible for the management of your user data within Oak, we’ll be covering how to manage all aspects of your user data, the various import options available along with reporting. Learn how to improve your user journey through smart use of software connections; we’ll take you through the available options for establishing connections between Oak and other software, including linking up using SAML, enabling single sign on and hooking up with Office 365. The final piece of the puzzle is to check out the methods of onboarding your users.

Delivered in an online setting the topics are split into easy to digest chapters with lessons of between 5 and 20 mins in length. This course will give you a great understanding of how to get your user data into Oak, how to make your site easy to access and how to onboard your users.

Core elements of this course include...
  • Importing User Data

    Exploring the opportunities for uploading your user data and automating the process.

  • User Profiles

    Learn how to do everything from customising user fields to managing a specific user account.

  • User Groups

    Learn how to create virtual groups of people to help manage your security and drive content to specific audiences.

  • Authentication Methods

    Learn how to set up and configure authentication methods, providing users with easy secure access to your site.

  • User Onboarding

    How to invite your people to get into and use oak as their communication platform

Who would find this course useful?

  • User and Group Managers who have responsibility for maintaining your user data within Oak

  • Administrators who have day to day responsibility for ensuring your Oak Digital Workplace operates efficiently

  • Anyone who has day to day responsibility for ensuring user data is correct across all business systems

Course Overview

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • How to interact with this course

    • Course objectives

  • 2

    User management

    • User management overview

    • Understanding the user profile

    • Creating a user manually in Oak

    • Customising user fields in Oak

    • Uploading multiple users via spreadsheet import

    • Installing OIS for user data automation and SSO

    • Scheduling a user spreadsheet import

    • Synchronising user data from active directory

    • Managing a user in Oak

    • Understanding the user footprint

    • Creating and managing user groups

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: User management

  • 3


    • Overview of authentication

    • Connecting with Office 365

    • Creating a SAML connection

    • Setting up single sign on (SSO)

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Authentication

  • 4


    • Onboarding users

    • Onboarding mobile users

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Onboarding

  • 5

    Further learning

    • Visit the Oak Knowledge Base

  • 6

    How did we do?

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