Making homepages work for you

An essential guide to maximising the value of homepages within your Oak environment

Homepages are a key element of your digital workplace, so it's important they are working for you. We’ll look at how to maximise engagement through the intelligent use of area homepages. The course covers both elements of a homepage design, how to use the applets to make homepages visually appealing and engaging, and how-to tailor homepages to serve the needs of the audience.

Working through this course, you’ll pick up hints and tips on how to make the most of your homepages within Oak. You'll master the creation of visually appealing content; look at how to get your content seen and understand the vital role of understanding homepage purpose.

Delivered in an online setting the topics are split into easy to digest chapters with lessons of no more than 5 mins in length. This course will give you a great understanding of the content creation functionality within Oak and a healthy sprinkling of best practice.

The core elements of this course include...
  • Understanding Purpose

    Only once the purpose of a homepage is understood can it be truly optimise

  • Design & Layout

    Top tips on making engaging homepages that your audience will cherish

  • Homepage Basics

    A full understanding of how to create, manage and optimise homepages

  • Homepage Optimisation for Mobile

    Optimising homepages for mobile devices is essential for driving engagement-

  • Scheduled Homepages

    Focus content delivery through the use of audience-based homepagescaleen

Who would find this course useful?

  • Homepage Managers Anyone who has day to day responsibility for maintaining homepages within your Oak Digital Workplace-

  • Business Stakeholders Anyone who has day to day responsibility for an area of your Oak Digital Workplace

  • Content Authors Anyone who has day to day responsibility for adding content to your Oak Digital Workplace-

  • Anyone who has day to day responsibility for adding content to your Oak Digital Workplace

Course Outline

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • How to interact with this course

    • Course objectives

  • 2

    Homepage fundamentals

    • An overview on the purpose of homepages

    • Applets and how they are configured

    • Utilising scheduled homepages

    • Cloning homepages, efficient homepage creation

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Homepage fundamentals

  • 3

    Homepage design

    • Easy homepage design though smart applet choice

    • Improving homepages with interactive elements

    • Optimising homepages for mobile use

    • Adding personalisation to your homepages

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Homepage design

  • 4

    Further learning

    • Visit the Oak Knowledge Base

  • 5

    How did we do?

    • Before you go...

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