Content Creation Masterclass

Get a complete understanding of fast efficient content creation within your Oak Digital Workplace

This course aims to boost the knowledge of people responsible for creating content. Achieved by taking a deep dive into content creation, specifically news, timeline and publication.

Working through this course, you’ll pick up hints and tips on how to make the most of the content editor used in all content creation in Oak and in the custom content applet. You'll master the creation of visually appealing content; look at how to get your content seen and understand the vital role of the areas/structure and the associated security permissions.

Delivered in an online setting the topics are split into easy to digest chapters with lessons of no more than 5 mins in length. This course will give you a great understanding of the content creation functionality within Oak and a healthy sprinkling of best practice.

The core elements of this course include...
  • Content Creation

    A quick look at the basics of content creation and the options available.

  • Content Best Practice

    Understanding the difference between a good article and a bad one!

  • Basic Permissions

    An overview of the content related security roles and how they're used

  • Homepages

    How to create homepages that promote your content in an engaging way

  • Resources

    How to make your content pop using free online resources

  • Timeline

    An exciting new way to engage and push company news, encouraging feedback

  • Creating News

    Pushing out great news stories is the staple of any comms team

  • Publication

    The ideal tool for creating dynamic multi-page content that your users will love

  • Uploading Existing Files

    A quick look at the 'Upload' option and how to upload existing content

Who is the Content Creation Masterclass for?

  • Content Authors: those who have day to day responsibility for adding content to your Oak Digital Workplace

  • Area Stakeholders: anyone who has day to day responsibility for an area of your digital workplace

  • Communications Team: anyone responsible for distributing communications within your organisation

  • Anyone who wants to create more engaging content for their organisation

Course Overview

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • How to interact with this course

    • Course objectives

  • 2

    Core principles

    • Core Concepts

    • The important role of your site structure

    • Creating new structure to support your content

    • Content security permissions

    • Setting up a homepage to display content from different sources

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Core principles

  • 3

    Content creation

    • Creating a news article

    • Publishing options

    • Timeline posts

    • Creating a publication

    • Creating issues within a publication

    • Uploading media

    • Uploading documents

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Content creation

  • 4

    Content best practice

    • Content design

    • Keeping content alive

    • Promoting content to your users

    • Key learning points

    • Knowledge check: Content best practice

  • 5

    Further Learning

    • Visit the Oak Knowledge Base

  • 6

    How did we do?

    • Before you go...

    • Help us improve by sharing your thoughts...